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one week after the boston bombings, a criminal complaint provides new information about the suspects, as u.s. officials address motive for the first time. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. u.s. officials now say the two brothers suspected of carrying out the boston marathon bombings were motivated by a radical brand of islam, but they do not appear to have ties to any organized terror group.
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a federal magistrate the 19- year-old was advised of his miranda rights. there was more information in thele criminal complaint. ken wayne has been looking over it for us. >> reporter: this ten page criminal complaint lays out the fbi's case against tsarnaev. conspiring of using a weapon of mass destruction, a charge that if convicted could lead to the death penalty. dzhokhar tsarnaev is in serious conditions with gunshot wounds to the head, neck, leg, and hand. he has communicated to investigators by nodding and writing. at his bed side, a court representative says i will ask the doctor whether the patient is alert. the doctor asks, how you are
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feeling? tsarnaev nods. authorities are convinced the two brothers acted alone. >> i told boston they can rest easily. >> reporter: the affidavit describes the brothers walking through the marathon crowd with knapsacks and then separating. at one point, dzhokhar can be seen slipping his knapsack to the ground. he used his cell phone, then walked away. seconds later, an explosion. and information about a trip to russia last year. a trip that caught the attention of russian authorities who alerted the u.s., tamerlan tsarnaev may have had contact with terrorists. >> yes, he went to chechnya for a couple of days. i don't know where his relatives lived. they were from his father's side. >> reporter: surprised tamerlan
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had become such a devout muslim. >> tamerlan taught everything to himself. >> reporter: the fbi wants to question tamerlan's wife, who is described as a smart young woman who grew up christian, but converted to islam, after meeting her future husband. she now has an attorney who is negotiating with the fbi over how that interview will take place. across boston, a moment of silence was observed today for those who were maimed or killed one week ago. silence fell over the city at exactly 2:50, marking the moments when the bombs went off, 11 seconds apart. memorials were also held along the marathon route and on the very spot where the bombs went off. during the observance people stopped citywide to reflect and remember. later, the fbi turned the crime scene back over to the city of boston.
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♪ [ music ] a police honor guard lowered the flag that had flown at the finish line of the marathon, and presented it to the mayor. a six block area had been cordoned off a as crime scene. boston officials say they need to assure they assess the structural integrity of the area as well as conduct the cleanup before they open the area to the public. the tsa is deciding it will delay the plan that would have eased their policy and allowed passengers to carry knives on airplanes. the airlines and many passengers had rejected to the policies that would have allowed small knives, and bats through. today, the tsa said it needs more time to review all the feedback they're getting. passengers we spoke to said they're puzzled. ingly don't know, maybe it has something to do with people being freaked out about boston. >> any knife is dangerous.
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even if it's a one inch blade. you can hurt somebody with it. >> reporter: the tsa says about 2,000 small folding knives are confiscated from passengers each day. canadian officials say they have foiled a terror plot and arrested two men on charges of planning the attack. one of the suspects was flown to toronto to face charges. the two men were living in montreal. canadian police say they are not canadian citizens. authorities say the two were plotting to derail a train. a new york congressman said it included trains to the u.s., and the royal canadian mounted police said the men had help. >> the individuals were receiving support from al-qaeda elements located in iran. >> the mountie said there is no evidence the iranian government was involved. they said the suspects had been watching trains. were under constant surveillance and there was no
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imminent threat. the bay area has seen a discernible uptick in bomb threats in the week since the boston bombings. there were some tense moments this morning. >> reporter: frank someone found a box with a threatening note here nude the student arts building. students tell me it's unsettling and they're on high alert. the day was just starting when the threat was discovered around 9:00. someone found a suspicious looking box and notified authorities. >> it was a small box with a note that said a bomb would go off at a certain time, but there was no bomb. >> reporter: the all clear was given about a half hour later, when it was determined to be a hoax. san francisco police tell me
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calls reporting bomb threats and suspicious packages increase after major incidents, such as the september 11 terror attacks. and now the boston bombings. san francisco unified school district says it too has received an unspecified threat. police say they take every threat seriously. >> that's murphy's law. you take every threat seriously. if you fail to act on it one time because you've already done it 100 times, that will be when something happens. >> reporter: they learned about the threat here from an alert put out by school officials put out on social media, and texts. >> a little bit uneasy. you never know what's going to happen. >> and when you got that text. >> yeah. that just kind of heightened in. >> reporter: in antioch this afternoon, deer valley high school also reported hearing there was a bomb on campus.
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the school was evacuatedk and police conducted a search, but found nothing to substantiate the threat. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a big rig accident snarled one leg of the evening commute on the peninsula tonight. shortly after 5:00 this evening, at the highway 101 interchange with highway 92 in san mateo. the driver was making the transition from 92 to 101 when the truck tipped over and ended up on its side. now to richmond, where the foodsco grocery store was evacuated this afternoon. the contractor was fixing a freon leak in a refrigerator when the pipe ruptured. the man hurt his hand and was taken to the hospital. a store employee was also taken to a hospital complaining of breathing problemses due to the
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gas. high temperature records fell today as the bay area enjoyed another unseasonably warm day. news chopper 2 captured these pictures about 6:45 in the morning. the sun started to set on a third consecutive day of temperatures in the 80s, but change on the way. bill martin is in the weather center now with the records that were broken today. also, what's next? >> temps 10 to 20 degrees where you should be. out along the coast, we've got fog returning. reports of dense fog now. it's going to be tough to see through on the great highway, showing up. peeking into the golden gate bridge. obviously, that's the beginning of the cooling. current temperatures indicate that. 51degrees in half moon bay right now. that's because of the fog. very cool in san francisco, about 55 degrees. temperatures the next couple of days are going to trend down.
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but places continue to be warm. i'll show you those places and how much cooler you're going to notice as we go through the week. i'm have your five-day forecast, and the rest of your weather coming up. ktvu has learned clues in the killing of a young san francisco man in an act of violence. >> reporter: a drum plate as friends and family of ernesto acosta this morning planted a cherry tree in his honor in the parking lot of a whole foods where he worked. friends describe him as a world traveler with a ready smile for anyone. police say he was shot to death in the early morning of february 10, while walking to a friend's house. we obtained these taxi cab videos that police say show acosta, and the moments after he was shot, before he backs
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out of a crosswalk and collapses on the sidewalk. police say the suspect's car is seen here fleeing the scene. it's described as a white 2010 to 2012 lexus e350. >> someone just took his life and didn't care. >> acosta's sister wears the pendant that used to hang around her brother's neck. the two were twins. >> i think about him every second. he shouldn't have gone. it wasn't his time to go. >> reporter: police say people attending an event nearby at yosh i's nightclub may have seen something relate today this homicide. they're asking fin who recognizes this lexus to give investigators a call on their anonymous tip line. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. in the south bay tonight, san jose police are investigating a man's death, and trying to figure out if he was a victim of foul play, or
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committed suicide. police say a 911 call came in about 12:45 this afternoon on truckee lane near snell avenue. when paramedics got there, they found a man with at least one stab wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. crime fighting efforts in oakland are getting another boost from the california highway patrol. their contract was set to expire this friday, but there is now word of a tentative agreement on a new deal that would actually expand the chp patrols from two days a week to four. alameda just ended their patrols in oakland, after failing to reach a new contract with the city. it sounds like an urban legend. >> given a one way ticket on a bus with no meds. >> the psychiatric patient dumped in the bay area, and why you may be paying for it. >> how bay area fire departments are preparing for
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what may be one
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the furloughs of air travel controllers are starting to be felt around the country now. they went into effect yesterday as part of the sequester budget cuts. there were reports of delays on the east coast.
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and late today, three hour delays in los angeles. passengers we spoke to were understanding to a point. >> they have to make sure the passengers and the planes stay where they belong, and hopefully, the sequestration will be over very quickly. >> congress get yourself together. this is something that's critical. >> major and regional carriers are now asking for a moratorium on the three hour limit that airline can keep passengers on planes on the tarmac. we've learned san francisco has 38 controllers and 3 to 4 of them will be furloughed each day. oakland has 30 controllers and also plans to furlough 3 to 4 a day. and there are 13 to 20 in san jose, and 2 to 3 will be furloughed each day. that also includes staff in training. three formal workers have been charged, and authorities are looking for five others tonight.
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the d.a. says they made low ball offers, and threatened to hold a customer's furniture hostage until they paid up. on wall street, stock markets gained ground today. the dow rose 19-points. energy stocks and higher oil prices helped fuel the profits. netflix reported some 2 million new subscribers in the first three months of this year. it also added 1 million international subscribers. more original series are now in works. gunshots were fired last week, just as a game was ending. >> reporter: tomorrow night, coaches will come to this city
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hall to ask for police patrols near their ball field, they're covering all the bases, as they recommit to safety. >> the crack of the bat. the criticism of coaches. >> on the grass, on the grass. >> reporter: cheers from parents. it was all back as north vallejo little league ended a self-imposed three day suspension. >> asking, when are we going to play? >> reporter: this mom had three sons in the league. >> they were sad. they wanted to play baseball. this was their fifth year playing. they wanted to play. >> reporter: but a gunfiring sent some on soul searching. after the families met this weekend. >> it's not a kumbaya but we're going to try to respect one another a little better. >> reporter: this volunteer shielded kids, as they dove.
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glad now. no one connected to the incident remains in the league. >> i'm glad they told the parents if you don't act right, you've got to get out. everybody got together and said, we can't have this. this is all we've got here. we need to hold this. >> reporter: leaders will recruit more parents as volunteers, posting monitors to be aware of the crowd as well as the game, and teaching players when tempers are hot, stay cool. >> they will learn from us. so just react accordingly. they will too. >> reporter: and because north vallejo struggles with street violence, outside the fences, again little league leaders will here again tomorrow night to ask for more police presence, especially during their practices and games.
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reporting live, debra villarion. an early start to fire season. some training are already underway. >> reporter: the cal fire heleattack is getting ready weeks before fire season. they decided to speed up hirings today. >> by getting people trained on, we can get them trained and ready to go before the time the fires really start to carry. >> reporter: the santa clara cal fire unit will begin hiring and training 46 firefighter phosser six bay area stations starting one week from today. >> typically, we don't start that process until the first, or second week in may. >> reporter: the san jose fire department's wildlands officer
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plans to get a jump on what he calls one of the dryest seasons on record. >> usually, it's mid-may to when we're paying for the wildlands season. for san jose, we're getting them staffed and ready to go. >> reporter: many people say that's a good idea. >> i just came from the mojave desert. it's hotter here than it is down there. i can't believe how hot it is here. >> reporter: one other phase will fire. cal fire says it hopes to have full staffing by the end of june. in los gatos, robert hoon -- honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. the big change in our weather, the last 24 hours has been this fog bank. i've drawn it in here. it's very shallow which means, there's low visibilities now on the great highway south of pacifica into half moon bay. dense fog along the coast, that starts the immediate cooling.
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temperatures outside right now, they're on the mild side. tomorrow, they're going to be slightly cooler around the bay about the same inland. right along the coast, look at how much cooling we're looking at. temperatures coast side, not in the 70s, but in the 50s. tomorrow, a couple of 80s, maybe low 90s. i'll put a specific temperature to your city, and we'll look at the five-day forecast. i'll have all the specifics and see you here at 10:45. they were brought together for a lifesaving transplant. the emotional goodbye between two brothers we first told you about last month. >> first, bussed to the bay
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developing news from san francisco tonight, a bart passenger sent us this photo from the underground station at 24th and mission. he told us a woman was hit at about 10:00. he says first responders are talking with her as they try to get her out. here is another photo. right now, the 24th station is closed, and a firefighter told us, it looks like the woman jumped and the train in question will not be moving anytime soon. bart is setting up a bus bridge to get passengers to the next station. the state of nevada is accused of dumping medical patients here in california to save money. the patients were apparently put on buses, and then left to fend for themselves. >> reporter: they came to san
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francisco on greyhound buses. 36 psychiatric patients with tickets, allegedly paid for by a nevada state mental health hospital. >> i think it would cause anybody, whether you're a government official or not, to be incredibly concerned. >> reporter: dennis herrera is demanding the nevada hospital explain the patient dumping allegations as reported in the san francisco bee. which said over five years, they loaded up 1500 patients on buses with destinations out of state. herrera says it appears the people who arrived in san francisco had no contacts here. >> it's very disconcerting when you think about these individuals, given one way tickets on a bus, with no meds, minimal food and drink. >> reporter: the las vegas hospital between 2008 and march of this year put 500 psychiatric patients on buses
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bound for california. herrera is asking social service programs to come forward and discover the true scope of the patient dumping. nevada said the problem was a documentation error. in the case of san francisco, it appears the patients were bussed into the city because it has significant services. >> we'll get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: herrera says stories have patient dumping have long been an urban legend. but if they can prove it, they can receive damages. brothers who lived a world apart, but were brought together by illness affectionately said their goodbyes. a declaration of love from 5- year-old collin mcfadden to his 26-year-old brother this evening at oakland's children's hospital. ta came from vietnam last month to donate his bone marrow to
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collin, who was adopted by an american family when he was just 14 months old. last week, bone marrow was transplanted from the older brother to the younger brother. tonight, as the two said goodbye and hugged, ta said he was pleased to meet his little brother's adopted family. >> translator: after the procedure, i was really happy. i was really happy that my brother has the best parents. >> the older brother is now headed home to vietnam where his wife and son are waiting for him. a light show that wasn't part of the show. the spectacular sight all caught on camera at an outdoor concert. >> a spoon, some cinnamon, and peer pressure.
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a warning to bay area teens tonight. don't take the cinnamon challenge. doctors say it's not a harmless prank. talking with a physician about the consequences. >> reporter: julie, parents may not have heard about the cinnamon challenge, but i bet your kids have. it involves swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon and the stunt is sending a lot more kids to the emergency room. >> this teen's attempt went down in a cloud of cinnamon smoke. >> here i go. >> reporter: seconds after this girl shoveled a spoonful of cinnamon into her mouth. she too begins coughing and choking. >> when you ingest a teaspoon of any kind of powder, there's always the risk of it going
12:01 am
into the airways. >> reporter: a pediatric physician says once the spice is inhaled, it can cause inflammation and scarring. >> the scarring that happens in the lungs over long periods of time will lead to things like emphysema. >> reporter: a journal reported today says the prank has led to a dramatic increase in the number of poison control calls and visits to emergency rooms. a michigan teenager now has a website, denouncing the dare after she was hospitalized. >> reporter: still, there are countless cinnamon videos on youtube. this one has been viewed more than 29 million times. >> oh, yea. >> reporter: all of the young people we caught up with at this walnut street skatepark had heard of the game. >> i never even thought of any danger with it. no, i just thought it was hilarious. >> reporter: but he wasn't laughing when he tried the
12:02 am
challenge. >> i vomited at the end of it. >> reporter: frank and julie, he regrets trying the challenge and won't be recommending doing it to any of his friends. new at 10:00, the u.s. postal service announced today it plans to sell berkely's historic main post office. that post office is located on allston and is on the national registry of historic places. the berkely mayor said he was quote, extremely disappointed, and says whoever buys the building will have to maintain its historic facade. in san jose, crews wore protective suits as they did a major cleanup today at a homeless encampment in kelly park. makeshift homes were torn down this morning. it was home to more than 200 people, also included a
12:03 am
makeshift outhouse. advocates for the homeless, say 30 of those people have agreed 20 enter programs for permanent housing. it's not clear where the others may end up. >> i don't like them. >> reporter: the city says the encampment was an environmental hazard, and is planning to use road blocks, rangers around private security guards in an effort to keep the homeless from returning to the area. fbi agents testified they found no traces of ricin in the home of the mississippi man charged with sending the poison to the president and a judge. his computer showed there was no evidence for he searched for instructions on how to use it. however, the letters were signed i am kc and i approve of this message. because the envelopes and
12:04 am
stamps were self-adhesive, they are not expected to reveal any dna evidence. in the texas town of west, people raced to get items from their damaged homes before a curfew went into effect. president obama is scheduled to attend a funeral service for those who died. many of the dead were first responders. country star, willie nelson, who grew up just outside of west, promised to donate the proceeds of an upcoming concert to the town's volunteer fire squad. people are angry that police did not act when a family of a 5-year-old girl did not report her missing. the police chief has admitted mistakes were made. there has been a dramatic rise in the cases against women and girls since a woman died after
12:05 am
being raped. in china, investigators tried to locate quake victims in hard to reach areas. the quake caused land slides that blocked many roads. at least 192 people died in that quake. 11,000 others were injured. chinese officials are refusing offers of foreign help. they say they can handle it themselves. in argentina, concert goers got an extra treat at the end of a song. there was a brilliant flash of light. it happened about 1:30 a.m. one said it could have been a space rock traveling at a very high rate of speed. it was seen for hundreds of miles. a proposed driving law would close a loophole that allows teen drivers to text while driving. the bill bans teenagers under the age of 18 from texting and
12:06 am
driving, even if they use a hands free device. the bill is now before the assembly. the energy department says it has seized 21 million dollars from fiscar in anaheim. the company hasn't built any of the $100,000 cars since last summer. it recently laid off most of its workers. san francisco's police chief says there are lessons to be learned from boston. the new proposal for cameras downtown, and why it's already run into opposition. >> up first, a bay area tribute to
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new at 10:00, dozens of people turned out in marin county for a run for boston. a few of them also ran in the boston mare -- marathon a week ago. one woman who did said tonight's run was in part to raise money for the victims. >> on one part was almost a therapeutic thing to run and talk about what happened. >> johnson said she ran and heard the bombs go off. in boston, hundreds of people gathered today at two separate events to remember two victims of the bombings. a funeral was held this morning
12:10 am
for krystle campbell. family and friends packed a church in medford, massachusetts, where she grew up. more than 800 people gathered on the campus of boston university tonight for a memorial service for another victim. 23-year-old lingzi lu. she was a graduate student from china, studying statistics. the university has created a scholarship fund in her memory. and the bay area boy injured in the bombing has very special visitors today at boston's children's hospital. a's players redick, moss, and batting coach, ty waller visited him in his hospital room. he suffer add serious leg injury when he was hit by shrapnel. his family remains with him in boston, but they hope to return home at the end of the month. surveillance video provided the crucial clues needed to track down the boston suspects. now san francisco's police chief wants to put more cameras on city streets here, and more
12:11 am
eyes on public events. one city official is pushing back. >> reporter: an estimated 1 million people came to the san francisco giants victory parade. greg suhr said he would like to see more cameras on market. >> when we invite, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people to fill up our streets, it wouldn't be a bad idea. >> reporter: the city already has dozenses of surveillance cameras, particularly in high crime neighborhoods, but police don't actively monitor them. >> i'm not talking about monitoring them full time. just during these major events. >> if we is have an ability to make people safer, that conversation needs a public discussion. >> reporter: the public
12:12 am
defender says he has concerns over privacy rights. >> having a surveillance camera on a public street, particularly when you have a lot of social protests, things like that could create a chilling effect. people aren't going to want to be seen. >> reporter: still, suhr says surveillance cameras would help san francisco as they did boston. >> i think everybody needs to remember, they made the boston case on video. >> reporter: chief suhr expects to address the issue at a hearing before the board of supervisors on may 2. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. relief from this record breaking heat, and the changes we'll soon see in the bay area and the timeline for how long it will take. >> keeping students stress in check. >> most of them cope with
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environmentalists marked earth day with protests and marches in san francisco. dozens of people demonstrated in front of the epa headquarters. they were protesting the proposed keystone pipeline. the richmond chevron refinery blast and pollution in low income counties. san mateo county, and 12 of its cities beginned banning single use plastic bags today. about half of the bay area bans bans plastic bags. >> state lawmakers have two proposals for a statewide ban on plastic bags. a south san francisco man
12:16 am
pleaded no contest to kidnapping his children and taking them on a stolen yacht. he faces four years in prison for two felonies, child abduction, and possession of a stolen boat. the children were recovered three days later when the boat was intercepted off the monterey coast. mcfay was quoted as saying, it was crazy to take the boat, but not crazy to take his kids. one day before due in a sacramento courtroom to face hacking related charges. last month, matthew keys was indicted on federal charges of conspiring with the group anonymous to hack "the los angeles times" website. prosecutors say keys provided a user name and password for tribune servers after he was fired in 2010 from a sacramento tv station that was owned by tribune. tribune also owns "the l.a. times." uc berkely is launching a new program on student safety
12:17 am
by focusing on mental health. the goal is to identify at risk students before it's too late. >> reporter: on any given day, students at uc berkely experience stress. >> mostly examines, yes. and homework. >> reporter: sometimes it's much more. >> we're also seeing first break anxiety disorders. depressive disorders, bipolar, and schizophrenia. >> reporter: the school's new gold folder can help staff identify deep mental issues. the resource and training program paid for by a california mental health services authority grant also points toward resources. >> before the nervousness turns into anxiety and the sadness turns into depression. then return toward real cases. >> reporter: uc police
12:18 am
department lieutenant eric tejada says they've had a proactive plan in place for a while. >> it's been very successful, if we identify someone of concern that we can assemble this team. >> reporter: most students we talked with liked the idea of the gold folder, but think the training should extend to students. >> maybe better to have a program that's more student based. >> reporter: all 10 uc campuses will launch a similar program. over the next year, cal hopes to develop another program for students to help their peers. we talked about the record warmth from today. we've talked about the fog that's moving in along the coast right now. now wooer going to talk about -- we're going to talk about the high pressure owning the area. this is where the jet stream would be. high pressure just fills in under where the jet stream is, in this case. the jet stream is sending everything well to the north, and then out into the basin. this high pressure sort of
12:19 am
resides here. that basically means no rain. also coastal fog. all of those things coming together to bring a very warm day. 90 in santa rosa today. 91 in napa. high temperatures tomorrow, still very warm inland. lots of mid-80s, upper 80s, also mid-90s tomorrow. tomorrows highs around the bay and the coast are going to be a good 5 to 10 degrees cooler. the fog is right at the coast. the sea breeze is going to be semi limited. you're going to see it right around the defeat and the immediate bay. warm again inland. the coastal fog shows up, and stays around. really right through the bay area weekend. the overnight lows tonight, a lot like last night. upper 40s, lower 50s, not that chilly, but with the day ending up, you take kids to school at 51 degrees in the morning, and they come home in fairfield and it's 85, 88 degrees. kind of chilly for how warm
12:20 am
it's going to be in the afternoon. forecast highs, these are 80s, even upper 80s, these are orange areas. look along the coast tomorrow, these are 50s. fog. this is not that atypical. this is what you expect, kind of as you get into late spring, early summer. that will fire up a good sea breeze tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon, that fog really starts to filter in. that's when temperatures really start to plummet. you'll notice a much more significant temperature drop as we head into wednesday and thursday. the forecast for the pollens, grass pollens are coming up a little bit. tomorrow is going to be a really nice day. cooler coast, cooler around the bay, slightly, then about the same, or maybe warmer inland. 89 in antioch tomorrow. forecast in santa clara valley, 89 in morgan hill. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view then is dry.
12:21 am
temperatures out of the upper 80s, after tomorrow, and moving back into the 70s, so more of a mild pattern. >> looks beautiful though. >> yeah, it's really nice. >> thanks bill. crews plan to fog mosquitoes in eastern contra costa county tomorrow morning. two areas will be treated. one is on taylor road in bethel island. the other is on holland track road in nightson. they will use a low volume truck sprayer to spray insecticide to control adult mosquitoes. the areas will be fogged between 5 and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, weather permitting. good and bad news for riders for the eastern side of the bay area bridge. only the first two thirds of those bike lanes will be accessible to cyclists. the problem is part of the old bridge is blocking the remainder of the bike lanes.
12:22 am
they can't be completed until the old span is torn down, which caltran estimates won't be until the summer of 2015. more on the giants and their exciting win tonight. >> there's a certain air of calm about the giants that can only come with chemistry, and of course major success. shows up in games like this. they trailed most of the way against arizona. just seemed to will their way to victory, more often than not. 2-1, when buster connects deep off the bricks. pablo would double in a run. 2-2. later, arizona 4-2 leaders. posey, ticket to ride. el centro. his second in as many games. a two run shot. bottom of the 8th, 4-4, going to the bottom of the 9th. the giants put one on. the fans sensing the excitement. they will get it. brandon belt into the game
12:23 am
late. delivers against the lefty. andres torres scores the game winning run. the giants walk off to a seventh consecutive home victory. the a's would like to get this little funk they're in under control. keep the speed bump from turning into a brick wall, or a green monster for that matter. back in boston, be strong. boston strong. that is exactly what mike napoli's swing is off aj griffith. bases jammed, an error led to the situation. they take advantage. the slam, 9-3 lead. but the a's, do not lay down. josh redick. four former red sox in the a's lineup, he cranks an rbi double, cut it to 9-6. that's as close as they would go. now four straight losses on this road trip for oakland. meantime, the warriors face whatever is left of their postseason without david lee. we're going to hear from
12:24 am
you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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all right, the season that all nba fans wait for. the postseason, of course.
12:27 am
the clippers look like they're ready to take command of this thing, and cruise on home. blake griffin with the left hand. he has them up 9 late as you take another look at it. memphis with another run of their own. lamar odom fouls him. we've got 89-89 with 1:37 left. in the final ticks, put it in the hands of your money man. chris paul, put it down off glass. the clippers go up 2-0. the nets and bulls in the east are tied 1-1. warriors trying to keep the stiff upper lip as they ready up for game 2 with denver. david lee goes down hard. torn hip flexor. he's out rest of the season. he knew it was serious when it happened. >> i went to raise my knee and i had no feeling in my whole entire hip area. i just had no strength. i was praying for the best, i somewhat knew what the outcome
12:28 am
was going to be. >> that stinks for him. game 2 from denver. that's the sporting life. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
12:29 am
is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice

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